Bocce - Cover


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Bocce

Coaching Bank Shot
Coaching Bank Shot 2
Rebound Shot
Throwing with Partner
Hand Finger Placement
Hand Finger Placement 2
Finger Placement
Finger Placement 2
Holding Ball on Top
Preparing for Inverted Shot
Inverted Shot
Inverted Shot 2
Inverted Shot Incorrect
Teaching Correct Body Position
Throwing Bocce
Ready Position
Ready Position without Ball
Ball Release
Explaining Approach
Approach with Ball
Approach without Ball
Close-up of Balls Hitting
Approach with Ball 2
Approach without Ball 2
Throwing a Hard Shot
Hard Shot
Wheelchair Positioning 1
Wheelchair Positioning 2
Close-up of Wheelchair Throw
Walker Postioning 1
Walker Postioning 2
Using Binoculars
Using Binoculars Close-up