Cycling - Cover


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Cycling

Warm-Up Laps
Mounting a Bike
Stopping and Dismounting
Changing Direction
Turning vs. Steering
Figure 8 Drill with Athletes
Figure 8 Tutorial
Slalom Drill
Slalom Drill Explanation
Cornering Drill
Scanning – Looking Back
Scanning – Looking Under Arms
Hand Position – Tapping Drill
Hand Position – One Hand Drill
Drink From Water Bottle Talk
Drink From Water Bottle Drill
One-Handed Drinking
Gear Shifting Tutorial
Shifting Gears
Shifting Gears Close-Up
Gear Shifting Drill
Pedaling Technique
Pedal Cadence
One Leg Pedal Cadence
One Legged Pedal
Uphill Pedaling
Cresting and Downhill Pedaling
Pace Line Explanation
Closed Rotating Pace Line
Closed Rotating Paceline Drill
Drafting Drill
Single Open Pace Line Drill
Riding in a Group Paper Drill
Riding Group Side by Side Turn
Single Open Pace Line Drill
Bunny Hop
Time Trial with Holder
Time Trial with Holder
Sling Shot Finish
Throwing Bike at Finish Line
Time Trial Explanation Part 1
Time Trial Explanation Part 2