Golf - Cover


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Golf

Ball on Tee Drill
Straddle Stretch
Body Bend Excercise
Stretch Trunk Rotation w Club
Shoulder Stretch
Head–Wall Exercise
Rear–Wall Exercise
Hitchhiker Drill
Towel Exercises
Arm Swing
Body Movement – The Pivot
Throw Ball
Baseball Swing
Iron Shot
Hitting a Tennis Ball
Hitting a Nerf Ball
Hitting a Beach Ball
Hitting a Whiffle Ball
Swinging a Club – Brush Grass
Clip Tee Mini
Clip Tee Sound
Ball on Tee Drill
Hitting Ball
Mini-Swing (Chipping)
Chip Correction
Pitching 9-3 Broom
Pitching 9-3 with Ball Club
Feet Together Drill
Legs Crossed 1
Legs Crossed 2
One Leg
Swing a Club with Eyes Closed
3 O´Clock Drill
Quarter Turn Drill
Trail Leg Back
Swoosh Drill