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Special Olympics Sports Guide

Motor Activity
Training Program
Special Olympics
Coaching Guide


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Motor Activities Training Program

Arm Lifts
Leg Lifts
Independent Band Stretch 1
Independent Band Stretch 2
Partial Assist Band Stretch 1
Partial Assist Band Stretch 2
Total Assist Band Stretch
Toe Touches
Assisted Sit-Up
Head Lift
Body Roll - Front to Back
Body Roll - Back to Front
Body Roll- Full
Body Roll - Wedge
Grasp and Hold
Grasp and Move
Grasp, move and release1
Grasp, move and release2
Independent Shot Put
Total Assist Shot Put
Total Assist Float
Partial Assist Float
Independent Float
Aquatics Equipment-Seat Float
Aquatics Equipment-Neck Collar
Aquatics Equipment-Ring
Aquatics Equipment-Walker
Aquatics Equipment-Ball
Aquatics Equipment-Barbell
Aquatics Equipment-Bell
Aquatics Equipment-Texture
Aquatics Equipment-Pictures
Total Assist Pool Walking
Partial Assist Pool Walking
Independent Pool Walking
Independent Walking 1
Independent Walking 2
Independent Two-Foot Jump 1
Independent Two-Foot Jump 2
PA Manual Wheelchair Propel 1
PA Manual Wheelchair Propel 2
IND Manual Wheelchair Propel 1
IND Manual Wheelchair Propel 2
IND Manual Wheelchair Propel 3
Motorized Wheelchair Propel 1
Motorized Wheelchair Propel 2
Total Assist Badminton
Partial Assist Badminton
Independent Badminton
PA Basketball Push 1
PA Basketball Push 2
IND Basketball Push
Adapted Basketball Machine
Adapted Bowling Machine 1
Adapted Bowling Machine 2
Total Assist Target Bowling 1
Total Assist Target Bowling 2
Total Assist Target Bowling 3
Partial Assist Target Bowling
Independent Target Bowling
Adapted Floor Hockey Machine
Total Assist Puck Shot 1
Total Assist Puck Shot 2
Partial Assist Puck Shot
Independent Puck Shot 1
Independent Puck Shot 2
Independent Puck Push 1
Independent Puck Push 2
Independent Puck Push 3
Independent Puck Push 4
Total Assist Football Kick
Partial Assist Football Kick
Adapted Kicking Machine
Total Assist Putting
Independent Putting 1
Independent Putting 2
TA Softball Fielding Event 1
TA Softball Fielding Event 2
PA Softball Fielding Event
IND Softball Fielding Event 1
IND Softball Fielding Event 2
Total Assist Softball Throw
Partial Assist Softball Throw
Independent Softball Throw 1
Independent Softball Throw 2
TA Softball Stike 1
TA Softball Stike 2
PA Softball Stike 1
PA Softball Stike 2
Softball Running The Bases
IND Softball Strike 1
IND Softball Strike 2
Adapted Tennis Machine
Total Assist Tennis Strike 1
Total Assist Tennis Strike 2
Total Assist Tennis Strike 3
Partial Assist Tennis Strike 1
Partial Assist Tennis Strike 2
Independent Tennis Strike 1
Independent Tennis Strike 2
Independent Tennis Strike 3
Independent Tennis Strike 4
Independent Tennis Strike 5
PA Volleyball Throw 1
PA Volleyball Throw 2
PA Volleyball Throw 3
PA Volleyball Throw 4
IND Volleyball Throw
Adapted Volleyball Machine
TA Volleyball Serve 1
TA Volleyball Serve 2
TA Volleyball Serve 3
PA Volleyball Serve 1
PA Volleyball Serve 2
PA Volleyball Serve 3
IND Volleyball Serve
Transfer from Wheelchair
Transfer to Wheelchair
Transfer into the Pool 1
Transfer into the Pool 2

Motor Activities Training Program