Gymnastics, Rhythmic - (Page Cover)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Gymnastics, Rhythmic

Presentation to the Judge
How to Select a Rope
How to Select a Hoop
Aerobic Warm-Up to Music
Body Waves, Back
Body Waves, Front
Ballet Warm-up
Intro to Positions
Plié and Relevé
Tendu and Balance in Passé
Rond de Jambe
Grand Battement
Port de Bras
Arm Circles
Body Skills
Body Waves
Cat Leap
Chainé Turn
Chassé (Front)
Chassé (Side)
Grand Battement
Hitch Kick
Passé Pivot
Step Hop
Straight Jump
Tiptoe Turn
Swings in a U-Shape
Rotations Holding the Middle
Figure 8's
Jumps Over a U-Shape
Straight Jumps Forward
Straight Jumps Backward
Runs Over the Rope
Toss, Point of Release
Free Arm Shape
Swings in the Frontal Plane
Swings in the Sagittal Plane
Passing Hoop Around the Body
Free and Assisted Rolls
Boomerang Roll
Free and Assisted Spins
Spin the Hoop to Change Hands
Passing Through the Hoop
Rotations Frontal/Sagittal
Overhead Rotations
Types of Tosses
Free Arm Shape
Correct Way to Hold the Ball
Swings in the Sagittal Plane
Swings in the Frontal Plane
Change Hands in Front
Passing the Ball Overhead
Bounce and Catch with 2 Hands
Bounce and Catch with 1 Hand
Bounce in a V
Roll on the Floor
Roll In and Out Both Arms
Roll In and Out One Arm
Roll Across Arm – Chest – Arm
Roll Across Both Arms
Assisted Roll on the Legs
Roll Down the Back
Toss and Catch with Two Hands
Toss One Hand, Catch Two Hands
Toss and Catch with One Hand
Toss and Trap Ball in the Arms
Toss and Trap Ball on the Legs
Intro to Clubs
Tapping High and Low
Tapping/Rolling Clubs on Floor
Small Horizontal Circles
Horizontal Mills
Small Vertical Circles
Vertical Mills
How to Hold the Ribbon Stick
Large Circles, Frontal Plane
Large Circles, Sagittal Plane
Large Circles Overhead
Figure 8's
Horizontal Snakes Behind Back
Horizontal Snakes in Front
Vertical Snakes
Horizontal Snakes Behind, Walk
Chassé, Large Frontal Circles
Walk Backward with Spirals
Ribbon Up, Snakes Down
Ribbon Over, Snakes Across
Spirals and Large Circles
Complex combination
Group Activities
Walking in a Line
Star Formation with Ball
Arabesque balance
Hoop Flip Toss and Jump Thru
Tiptoe Turn
Half Tiptoe Turn with Hoop
Chassé with a Partner
Chainé Turn Facing a Partner
Walking Under an Arch
Rolling the Hoop
Tossing the Hoop
Rolling the Ball
Bouncing the Ball
Tossing the Ball
Rolling the Ball with a Group
Seated Activities
Rotations with a Doubled Rope
Twist a Doubled Rope
Spin a Doubled Rope
Place Doubled Rope Behind Neck
Twist Hoop in Sagittal Plane
Twist Hoop on Frontal Plane
Tap Hoop on the Floor
Swing on a Horizontal Plane
Roll Ball on the Arms
Roll Ball on the Legs
Toss and Catch Ball
Toss and Trap Ball in the Arms
Passing Ball from Hand to Hand
Horizontal Snakes with Ribbon
Spirals with Ribbon
Overhead Circles with Ribbon
Ribbon Up, Snakes Down
Intro to Pilates
The Hundred
Half Roll Down
Single Leg Circles
Rolling Like a Ball
Single Leg Stretch
Spine Stretch Forward

Gymnastics, Rhythmic