Snowboarding - Cover


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Snowboarding

Warm-Up 1
Warm-Up 2
Warm-Up 3
Warm-Up 4
Edging Movements
Pressure Movements
Determining Stance PushUp Test
Putting On Boots - Clipping in
Removing Boots - Clipping Out
Lift Riding - Magic Carpet
Lift Riding - Poma Lifts
Lift Riding - Chair Lifts
Getting Up
Obstacle Course Drill
Skate to Glide
One Foot Straight Glide 1
One Foot Straight Glide 2
1 Foot Glide w Movement Drill
1 Foot Glide with Brake Drill
1 Foot In Toeside Dir Change
1 Foot In Heelside Dir Change
Toeside Direction Change
Heelside Direction Change
Toeside/Heelside Dir Change
Heelside Side Slip
Toeside Side Slip
Side Slip- Foot Movement Drill
Side Slip Small/Tall Position
Heelside Falling Leaf
Toeside Falling Leaf
Falling Leaf Drill - Snake 1
Falling Leaf Drill - Snake 2
Up and Down Drill
Heelside Garlands
Toeside Garlands
Fakie Garland Drill
Straight Glide to Turn or J Turn
Toeside/Heelside J Turn
Linking Turns
Follow the Leader Drill
Turns By Signal Drill
Race Tactics 1
Race Tactics 2
Race Tactics 3
Practice in Race Course Drill
Practice Course Drill
Follow the Leader Drill
Follow in the Pole on Command
Human Slalom 1
Human Slalom 2
Hold the Line Drill