Snowshoeing - Cover


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing Attire
Dressing in Layers
Anatomy of the Metal Snowshoe
Anatomy of the Wooden Snowshoe
Standing Straddle Stretch
Side Groin Stretch
Side Stretch
Arm Circles
Put on Metal Snowshoes
Put on Metal Snowshoes–Side
Put on Wooden Snowshoes
Put on Wooden Snowshoes–Side
Remove Metal Snowshoes
Remove Wooden Snowshoes
Moving Forward–Walking
Snowshoe Overlap
Falling and Getting Up
Get Up From Hands and Knees
Get Up From Side
Falling and Getting Up
Turning on Metal Snowshoes
Turning on Wooden Snowshoes
Close Turns
Fall Line
Hill Climbing Tutorial
Climbing to the Hilltop
Hill Climbing and Descending
Climbing Up & Down Big Hill
Fall Line
Descending Hills Tutorial
Descending Hills
Climbing and Descending
Climb to Hilltop & Descend
Sprint Starts
Sprinting 1
Sprinting 2
Sprinting 3
Sprinting 4
Relay Races 1
Relay Races 2
Relay Error
Distance Snowshoeing
Group Distance Snowshoeing
Waterfall Start 1
Waterfall Start 2
Passing 1
Passing 2