Softball - Cover


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Softball

Jog Around Field
Jumping Jacks
Neck Rolls
Shoulder Rolls
Arm Circles
Across the Body
Trunk Twists
Lower Back Stretches
Arm Reaches
Hamstring Stretch
Quad Stretch
Underhand Throw Drill
Wrist Snap
Trunk Rotation
Pivot, Step, Turn, Throw
Step, Throw, Follow Through
Star Drill
Wrist Snap Drill
Target Throw Drill
Cutoff and Relay Drill
Line Drill
Catch in the Middle of Body
Star Drill
Cutoff and Relay Drill
Line Drill
Self Toss Drill
Roof Drop
Wall Bounce Drill
Catching a Variety of Balls
Fielding a Ground Ball
Smother Ball in Glove
Step and Throw Faults & Fixes
Field, Pivot and Throw
Outfield Positioning
Defensive Positioning
Fielding Ground Ball Drills
Fielding Drills — Chicken Game
Fielding a Variety of Balls
Underhand Throw Drill
Infield Practice Drills
Running at a Base Runner
Line Drive Drill
Fly Ball Drills
Fly Ball Self Toss Drill
Outfield Practice Drills
Start of Pitch Through Release
Ready to Field
Ready to Field, Stepping Back
Distance Progression
Bucket Drill
Legal Pitching Arc Drill
Basic Skills
Mechanics of Hitting
Variety of Balls Tee Drill
Soft Toss Drill
Short Pitch Progression
Variety of Balls Tee Drill
Soft Toss Drill
Short Pitch Progression
Base Running
Batter Runner to First No Play
Rounding the Base at First
Rounding a Base
Batter Runner to First w Speed
Tag Up on a Fly Ball
Advanced Skills
Cutoff and Relay Drill
Outfielder Throwing to Cutoff
Run it in or Throw it in
Backing Up
Adjusting the Pitching Arc
Pitching — Ladder Drill
Pitching — Bucket Drill
Double Play
Triple Play Ground Ball
Modifications and Adaptations
Ball — Glove to Throwing Hand
Rules, Protocol & Etiquette
Fair Ground Ball
Fair Bounding Ball
Fair Ball Hits the Base
Fair Fly Ball
Fake Tag Obstruction
Fake Tag 2
Foul Ground Ball
Foul Bounding Ball
Foul Fly Ball
Interference — Ball/Runner
Interference — Runner/Fielder
Trapped Ball