Figure Skating - Cover


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Figure Skating

Badge One
Fall and Stand Up Unassisted
Knee Dip Standing Still
March 10 Steps Assisted
Badge Two
March Forward 10 Steps
Swizzles Standing Still
Backward Wiggle
Two-Foot Glide Forward
Badge Three
Backward Wiggle
Five Forward Swizzles–Fishies
Forward Skating Across Rink
Forward Gliding Dip
Badge Four
Backward Two-Foot Glide
Two-Foot Jump
One-Foot Snowplow Stop
Forward One-Foot Glide
Badge Five
Forward Stroking Across Rink
Five Backward Swizzles–Fishies
Forward Two-Foot Curves
Two-Foot Turn
Badge Six
Forward-Backward Two-Foot Turn
5 Consecutive 1-Foot Swizzles
Backward One-Foot Glide
Forward Pivot
Badge Seven
Backward Stroking Across Rink
Backward-Forward Two-Foot Turn
T-Stop Left or Right
Forward 2-Foot Turn on Circle
Badge Eight
Five Consecutive Crossovers
Forward Outside Edge on Circle
Five Backward Half Swizzles
Two-Foot Spin
Badge Nine
Forward Outside Three-Turn
Forward Inside Edge
Forward Lunge
Forward Lunge with Instructor
Shoot the Duck
Bunny Hop
Badge Ten
Forward Inside Three-Turn
Five Backward Crossovers
Hockey Stop
Forward Spiral
Badge Eleven
Forward Outside Edges
Forward Inside Edges
Forward Inside Mohawk
Backward Outside Edges
Backward Inside Edges
Badge Twelve
Waltz Jump
One-Foot Spin
Mohawk Step Sequence
Pairs Badge One
Pairs Badge Two
Pairs Badge Three
Pairs Badge Four

Figure Skating